Library History

Read how this library was established and how it has evolved to become such an important part of our community.

The Library first became an official town library in 1948, when the mayor appointed a library board, and a 1/4-mill tax, the first public funds used to support the library.

The library was first located in the town's city hall in 1947, when it was placed in the council room.  In 1957 the library was moved to a new Ogden City Hall.  Jeanne Phipps began her service as the librarian in 1958.  By now, the library held nearly 9,000 volumes.

1976 brought the United States American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration, and the Ogden Community took part in the year's festivities with many projects, activities, and accomplishments of its own.  The library is one of these accomplishments. It is a source of pride for the Ogden Community and West Boone County, for it is the result of the generosity of an individual in building it, and the community spirit of many individuals and groups who worked and donated funds to furnish it.

Eva Burgess is credited with the idea for a new library which she presented to the Ogden Women's Club.  The idea was then passed on to the Ogden Bicentennial Committee, who decided to find out how much support and interest existed among the public for a new library, and "if sufficient interest did exist, to make a new library a Bicentennial Committee project."

Meanwhile, the same idea was growing elsewhere, and when the Bicentennial Committe made known its interest, an individual decided to go ahead with his plan to build a new library for the community.  This man was Leonard A. Good, who had already given other gifts to the community.  He bought the site and paid for the building.

A library building committee and advisory committee was established.

Mr. Good encouraged the Bicentennial Committee's support for the library and a fund raising goal was set for furnishings.  Donations and pledges poured in and it happened.

The cornerstone was put in place July 13.  The move to the new library was made and opened for business September 22.  An open house was held November 6, 1977.