Computer Use and Printing

The Leonard A. Good Community Library offers free wi-fi, computer use and printing to our patrons.

The service is free except for printing:

Black & White Copies

  • 81/2 x 11     10¢/page
  • 81/2 x 14     15¢/page
  • 11 x 17        20¢/page

Color Copies

  • 81/2 x 11     25¢/page
  • 81/2 x 14     50¢/page
  • 11 x 17        50¢/page


A.          Description of Expectations

 Patrons must be 10 years old or older to use computers located in the Commons Area of the library without adult supervision.  Children under 10 years of age must be supervised by a parent or guardian to use computers located in the Commons Area.

  1.  Use of public computers is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  2.  The library reserves the right to terminate a computer session for any reason.
  3.  Library staff will provide assistance as time and expertise permit.
  4.  A fee is charged for all pages/sides printed regardless of content. Personal paper may be used, but the entire printing fee is charged.
  5.  Obscene or inappropriate text or graphics may not be created, displayed, sent, received or downloaded. Computers may not be used to engage in any activity which constitutes a violation of local, state or federal law.
  6.  Installation, modification or deletion of software, hardware, or configurations on the Library computers is strictly prohibited.
  7.  Computers will be shut down 5 minutes before closing time.

B.          Internet Disclaimer

The Library is not responsible for monitoring a child’s use of the Internet or for enforcing any restrictions which a parent or guardian may place on their child’s use of this resource.

 The Library assumes no responsibility for the security and privacy of internet transactions or activities.

 The Library cannot control or monitor the vast amount of material available through the Internet and is not responsible for its content. It is the responsibility of each individual to evaluate the accuracy, completeness, validity and appropriateness of material accessed.

 The Library is not liable for any damage, cost, liability, or personal harm that may occur from use of the library’s internet connection.

C.      Wireless Internet Users

Ogden Public Library provides wireless internet access for patrons using their own laptop computer or hand-held device equipped with a functioning wireless connection.  The library assumes no responsibility for patron-owned equipment or software, and cannot guarantee the security of files or transmissions of wireless users.

Prepared: 12/9/13                                                                                                                   Revised: 1/11/19